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Augment your income and pursue your passions while creating positive impact

Carving a path toward a more meaningful career as a financial advisor

November 29, 2023

Manila, Philippines — With the threat of inflation and economic uncertainties, Filipinos continue to grapple with declining purchasing power, lower savings, and rising prices in commodities. In addition, while government surveys show that unemployment rate in the Philippines has dropped to 4.4% from 5.3% last year, the proportion of underemployed persons is at 7.5 percent*.

To help address this gap, many companies provide more opportunities to help Filipinos find the right career that aligns with their life goals, as they aim to improve their financial situation and attain personal and professional fulfillment.

Manulife Philippines, the local arm of leading global financial services provider Manulife, continues to expand its agency force by employing more Filipinos nationwide as financial advisors. The recruitment efforts are also in response to the growing interest in life and health insurance products and services among Filipinos, especially millennials and Gen Zs.

As part of the company’s latest recruitment campaign, Manulife features the inspiring stories of some of its thriving agents who came from different backgrounds and diverse experiences but who share one common ground -- having found meaningful career journeys as a financial advisor.


Building a fortune of their own

Erika Lubrin, a mother to a child with developmental disability, started as a part-time financial advisor while working as an administrative officer at a government agency. After determining that she may earn as much as five times her government salary, she joined Manulife full-time. In her new career, she has not only provided for her child’s needs but also reached her aspirations for her family. “Through Manulife, we were able to build our dream house, purchase an additional car, and manage to support our son’s numerous therapies and education.”

Meanwhile, Arlene Genove, who used to rely on her monthly honorarium of PHP6,000 as a barangay councilor to provide for her family, also achieved her dream of living a comfortable life as a financial advisor. “Manulife changed my life. I renovated our house, which previously had no door and kitchen. Now my family has a decent place to live in.”

JC Balanza had to do various jobs to support his big family before becoming a Manulife financial advisor – from being a service crew at fast-food chains to working at local and international logistics companies. He had high hopes of achieving financial success when he became a licensed customs broker and even established his brokerage firm. However, his expectations were only met when he joined Manulife. “I am now receiving compensation that is commensurate to my exerted efforts.” With his earnings, JC was able to purchase his first car and a lot for his dream house.


Being of service to others

Beyond the financial gains that come with their chosen profession, Manulife's financial advisors also discovered a profound sense of purpose in their roles – helping their clients live comfortably, meet their financial goals, and ensure life and health protection for themselves and their families.

Kit Arlante's journey took on a deeper meaning after experiencing the devastating loss of her grandfather to cancer and her father to a tragic accident. The burden of overwhelming medical bills left a lasting impact on her family. Since then, she shared that “it has become my advocacy to help families have a fighting chance when unexpected circumstances happen, such as losing a loved one.”

Similarly, Hilda Linaac's sense of purpose was reignited after the sudden loss of her husband to a stroke, which encouraged her to help protect more people from the financial setbacks that arise when critical illness strikes. “I started reaching out to more clients and covering more lives as much as possible through insurance.”

For Genove, helping free customers from the financial burden of losing their loved ones has been her most significant win as a Manulife advisor. Her recent one was when her neighbor successfully claimed Php800,000 in benefits after the death of her husband. “Manulife taught me the importance of focusing on our mission of making decisions easier and lives better for more Filipinos.”


Achieving growth and self-fulfillment

At Manulife, financial advisors express contentment and gratification in their careers, as they get to enjoy generous compensation, achieve a bigger sense of purpose, and seize continuous learning opportunities all at the same time.

For Arlante, working for Manulife has been a journey to self-discovery, where she learned how to see things at work differently. “Nowadays, I view my deadlines with a deeper meaning and my meetings with a personal impact. With every deadline met is a family secured, and every meeting set is a life changed.”

Meanwhile, Lubrin values the free training sessions that Manulife continuously provides so they can stay competitive and up-to-date with shifting industry trends and rapidly evolving technologies. “Manulife helped me grow as a person and as a professional. Now, I can confidently pursue my financial advocacy among my clients.”

Being able to pursue her passion for art and music, while being instrumental in helping others attain financial success, is what’s most rewarding for Linaac. “It gives a different sense of fulfillment that I help countless Filipino families live every day better.”

For those interested to become part of Manulife’s growing team of financial advisors, visit or

*Based on the August 2023 Labor Force Survey of the Philippine Statistics Authority (


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