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Provide extra health coverage and financial benefits for your employees with a health insurance plan.

Manulife Eve | Life Insurance Product with Health Benefits

Why should you get it for your employees?

Guaranteed financial assistance

Employee will receive up to PhP 5M* lump sum amount when diagnosed with critical illness.

Health insurance protection

The employee will receive health protection coverage from the top 3 critical illnesses such as Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke and 57 other critical illnesses.

Hassle-free application

Take advantage of No Evidence Limit offer (NEL), this means no medical check-ups required.

*Applies to Manulife Health Protect and up to PhP 6M for New Critical Illness Rider

Who are eligible for this program?

Employer-employee groups for both Manulife Health Protect and New Critical Illness Rider.

For New Critical Illness Rider, other groups like professional associations and labor unions will be assessed on a case to case basis

Want to learn more about Manulife Group Health Protect?

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Want to learn more about Manulife Group Health Protect?

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