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Before joining Manulife, I used to work as a quality assurance engineer at a multinational microchip manufacturing company, before being promoted to supervisor. Working at the manufacturing company demanded many working hours, and I usually went home at 8pm, after clocking in at 8 am!


Eventually, I resigned in July 2019 and went back to my hometown to work at the nearest mining company. I was supposed to work as a part-time insurance agent. However, I decided to go all-in since I recruited my mother, who needed support due to high production. By February 2020, I was promoted to associate unit head manager.


We thought that the pandemic and lockdown last March 2020 would greatly affect our business in Manulife. Fortunately, we were able to garner more sales since we were able to process applications via digital submissions -- and later on, via ePOS. Now, I enjoy working in the comfort of my home without going to the office!


The best part about being a financial advisor is hearing the different life stories of my clients and sharing our expertise in financial planning. I am passionate when it comes to helping my clients achieve their goals and protect their families.

2021: GAMA Awardee Bronze

2020: LIMRA Silver Awardee

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