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As a financial advisor, my mission is to promote health and prosperity to all my clients.

I can vividly remember my mixed emotion on the first death benefit claim I had as a Financial Advisor -- it was from my closest friend who succumbed to his death 6 months after being diagnosed with a viral disease. Prior his passing, he told me his reason for getting insurance and that is to secure the future of her sister since both were already orphans and only had each other. Delivering the death benefit check to his sister was rather painful knowing that she lost her brother and her only family. I told her that it was a symbol of his brother’s love for her -- to protect her future and her dreams even if he is no longer around. It was heartbreaking to lose a brother but knowing how he wholeheartedly love her sister was just overwhelming.

That first claim kept me motivated to continue helping more people protect their dreams and help them realize their goals faster, while understanding their unique purpose, mission, and values.

My everyday mantra will always be “Everything I do, I do it with love all for the Glory of God”.                                               

2017 - 2021 : Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)

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