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Protecting families is a challenging pursuit for us financial advisors as we encourage people to secure insurance coverage for themselves and their loved ones. But once the ink has dried and we’ve delivered on our promises, there is no greater joy than knowing that we’ve made a difference. There are very few industries and careers that could claim to be as meaningful and impactful.


Being a beneficiary of life insurance myself, I can give testimony to the privilege and impact that life insurance has to offer. I know that with my current policies with Manulife, my whole family is guaranteed their lifestyles and security for years to come.


I guarantee that establishing a professional relationship with me is time well spent, as it is my sincerest commitment to make your life better. 

2017 - 2021: Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)

2019: Top of the Table (TOT)

2019: Rookie Insurance Advisor of the Year

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