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Change in Valuation of Variable Life Funds with Investment in PH Fixed Income Securities 

August 22, 2023


Starting September 1, 2023, we will be shifting from gross of tax to net of tax pricing in valuing the Philippine fixed income securities held by select funds where some of our Variable Life Funds (the “Funds”) invest in to better reflect the value of the securities as they are traded in the market.

The shift to net of tax pricing will result in a one-time change in the net asset value (“NAV”) of the Fund, which is approximately +0.06% to +0.53% of the fund value based on end of June 2023 prices. The actual effect of this one-time change in the NAV of the Fund will depend on the prices of the securities held by the Fund on September 1, 2023.

The affected funds are listed below:

  • Peso Bond Fund
  • Peso Secure Fund
  • Peso Balanced Fund
  • Peso Dynamic Allocation Fund
  • Peso Target Income Fund
  • Peso Target Distribution Fund
  • Peso Stable Fund
  • Peso Diversified Value Fund
  • Peso Wealth Optimizer 2026 Fund
  • Peso Wealth Optimizer 2031 Fund
  • Peso Wealth Optimizer 2036 Fund
  • Peso Cash Fund

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your Financial Advisor or call Customer Care at (+632) 8884 7000 or Domestic Toll-Free Hotline (1800) 1 888 6268. You may also email us at