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Nothing is more important than your child's future and well-being. With quality education, they are empowered to pursue the life they deserve.

Help set up your children for lifetime security and success today with an educational insurance plan -- Manulife Education Builder.

It is never too late to plan for your child’s bright future ahead. Here at Manulife, we believe that nothing can be more important than your children’s future and well-being, and with quality education, you give them the keys to a life full of great opportunities. Having an education insurance policy can help you give your children the life they deserve without having to worry about your budget and the constantly fluctuating cost of tuition.

There’s no better time to avail of an education insurance than right now, and this is where Manulife’s Education Builder comes in. Offering benefits to both parent and child, this educational plan not only helps you fund your child’s education at an early age, but also gives you investment opportunities to grow your hard-earned money.




Features and Benefits



Flexible Investment

Tailor-fit your investment plan by choosing your desired payment period and Annual Education Benefit (AEB). The AEB can be paid out to you yearly for 4 to 5 years when your child reaches age 18.

Education Rider

This feature guarantees payout of Annual Education Benefit (AEB) in case of disability or death. You will receive a payout equal to 50% of the Annual Education Benefit (AEB) every year before your child turns 18.

Waived Premiums

In case of disability, your remaining premiums for this education insurance will be waived.



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