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Do you need a life insurance that addresses your medium to long-term financial plans?

Manulife Horizons offers maximum life insurance coverage while letting your money grow over time. It is designed to meet your life insurance needs at any stage of life and optimize the return potential on your investments.

You may choose from various investment funds to help you reallize the highest returns possible based on your risk profile.

Whether you have long-term or medium-term financial plans, this protection-oriented variable life insurance product has the right answer for you.



Features and Benefits




Life Protection Benefits

Enjoy the benefits of total protection coverage 


Partial Withdrawal Feature

Allows you to access your accumulated funds when the need for it arises, subject to applicable charges.


Regular Fund Switching

Allows you to allocate your funds to take advantage of changing financial market conditions.


Peso and U.S. Dollar investment funds (link to Fund Glossary)

Different investment funds to choose from to help you realize the best returns possible depending on your risk profile.


Top-ups at Minimal Amounts

Helps build up funds in a manner that is convenient for you. 




- This illustration is based on a 30 year old male with Php 2 million Death Benefit.
- We assumed that your money will grow at 8% each year and are not guaranteed.
- The extra protection is your Accidental Death Benefit.
- Your premiums will be waived if you become totally disabled thru Total Disability Waiver.





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