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Life is unpredictable. Accidents can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere. There’s simply no telling what might happen tomorrow. The good news is that you can be more than ready to face them when they come. You can protect yourself and your loved ones from uncertainties with a personal protection insurance plan.

With the right protection insurance in the Philippines, you can worry less  about insurmountable medical bills or suffer from loss of earnings because of mishaps or emergencies
At Manulife, we want you to live better and worry less. Our personal protection plans cover illnesses and minor to major incidents including accidental death, disablement or dismemberment, building and ensuring you enjoy a comfortable retirement. These are coupled with investment options that allow you to effectively grow your funds overtime.


Manulife Seasons 100

Seasons 100 plan provides protection coverage for any season and until the age of 100, giving you peace of mind and financial security as you plan for the future. Ideal for estate planning, this personal injury insurance guarantees cash benefits and dividends to be given throughout the insured’s lifetime and beyond for the family that was left behind.



Manulife Horizons

Whatever stage you are in life, and whether you have medium- or long-term financial goals, Manulife Horizons offers lifetime insurance coverage and maximum return of investments. Here, you have full control of your investments to generate the highest return possible, from your choice of funds, to special features such as partial withdrawals and regular fund switching.




Manulife Yearly Renewable Term (YRT) and ReACT5

Securing your future is more affordable than you think. With Manulife’s YRT and ReACT5 plans, you can enjoy guaranteed protection for one whole year or five years. This includes auto renewal and convertibility features that will guarantee that you remain protected for more years to come.