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For as little as Php  23*/day, you can be secure with a life protection coverage that can adapt as your needs change. 

Why should you get a term insurance?

Guaranteed protection coverage for your family’s security.

Conveniently renew your coverage annually or every 5 years.

Convert to a permanent plan and get covered for life.

Enjoy extra coverage by adding Critical Illness rider and other supplementary benefits to enhance your existing coverage, and help you financially when most needed.

*Premium amount depends on client's age, coverage, and medical rating. Minimum coverage period applies.

Want to learn more about the Yearly Renewable Term and React5?

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Want to learn more about the Yearly Renewable Term and React5?

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    Need more help?

    What is term life insurance?

    There are two types of life insurance policies: term life and whole life

    'Term life' means we cover you for a defined period of time (for example, 25 years) whereas 'whole life' means we cover you for your entire life.

    What's the difference between YRT and React5?

    As the name suggests, YRT or Yearly Renewable Term covers you for only one year. React5, on the other hand, gives you protection coverage for five years.

    What happens to my coverage at the end of their term?

    If you have YRT, you can renew your life insurance coverage every year until age 69 or for 10 years, whichever is longer. For React5, you can renew your coverage every five years until age 80. Note that premium rates will increase as this is based on your age upon renewal. 

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