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5 Reasons Why Filipino Women Rule

Long before the rise of feminism and gender equality movements, Filipino women had access to education, healthcare, and the freedom to vote. There are no barriers for women to have a job, get equal pay, start a business, or make decisions about their careers and money.

And while there are still prevalent gender gaps and biases in the country, the Philippines continues to be the bright spot in Asia when it comes to women empowerment, and rightfully so! Here are some of the reasons why Filipino women rule! 

1. They are achieving more in education and careers

More Filipino women are now pursuing master’s and doctorate degrees and holding executive positions in their chosen careers. They are breaking glass ceilings and shattering stereotypes about what women can and cannot do. This includes getting insurance protection early on to secure their and their loved one’s future.

2. They are making strides in politics

Women are running for and winning political offices at all levels of government. They are changing the face of politics and advocating for policies that benefit women and other marginalized groups. We already have two female Presidents and two female Vice Presidents in history—literal girl power!

3. They are leading in business

Filipino women are starting their own businesses, becoming entrepreneurs, and leading major corporations. They are proving that women can be just as successful as men in business and entrepreneurship. One quick look at various social media platforms will show you many thriving online businesses founded by hardworking Filipino women, who are also aware and knowledgeable about the importance of life insurance to secure their financial future. 

4. They are gaining more control over their bodies

Filipino women have more access to birth control and reproductive healthcare. With Philippine laws like the Reproductive Health Law in place, Filipino women can make more informed choices about their reproductive health and plan their families on their own terms. Having a reliable health insurance also takes the worry away from unexpected medical expenses so they can focus more on achieving their various life goals.  

5. They are changing societal norms

Filipino women are challenging traditional gender roles and societal norms. Empowered and protected by Philippine laws like the Magna Carta for Women, they are pushing for gender-neutral language, equal pay, and equal representation in all areas of life. 


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