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Do You Know Your Investment Horizon?

Investing is one way to generate additional funds for yourself

If you own an investment or two, you can make money even when you’re out on vacation, hanging out with friends or asleep at home. The amount of money you potentially make relies on how long you maintain or keep your investments. That amount of time where you keep your money invested is called your investment horizon. So, why is it important to know your investment horizon? Given that financial markets are always changing (for better or worse), there’s always a risk to your investments – it may increase or go down in value. By determining what your investment horizon is, you can manage and even lessen that risk.

So, let’s say you’re in your early 20’s and keen on investing. Because you are young with very little in the way of responsibilities (you’re only looking after yourself!), you can afford to have a long investment horizon – taking more risk for a much higher payoff later. On the other hand, someone at a much later life stage (ages 40 and up) will be more cautious than a younger person. He/she might opt for a much shorter investment horizon for less risk and an earlier payoff.

Why should you consider investing in Manulife Horizons?

  1. Life Protection Benefits. Enjoy the benefits of total protection coverage.
  2. Peso and U.S. Dollar investment funds. Have different investment funds to choose from to help you realize the best returns, depending on your risk profile.
  3. Partial Withdrawal Feature. Allows you to access your accumulated funds as needed (subject to applicable charges).
  4. Regular Fund Switching. Allows you to re-allocate your funds to take advantage of changing financial market conditions.
  5. Top-ups at Minimal Amounts. Helps build up funds in a manner that is convenient for you.

If you have questions about Manulife Horizons and what your investment horizon should be, contact us so we can help plan your future in no time.

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