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How To Plan Your Goals Wisely

Planning need not be that complicated, you just gotta plan ahead.

We know you’ve got goals. Are insurance and investment plans part of your long-term road map? If they’re not, then you may want to consider putting them down too.

Start planning

Where do you want to be in five years? Think about the path you want to pursue, and how you’ll use, and manage, your money to achieve certain life goals. One way is to get yourself an insurance and investment plan.

It’s a good investment to buy insurance + investment while you’re young, because the younger you are, the lower your insurance premiums, and the more time you allow your funds to grow. Your insurance policy will accumulate cash value over time. You can then borrow a portion of this value and use it to pay off your debts or start something to give you another stream of income. You can pay back the loan, or you can ask your financial advisor how you can maintain your life insurance plan.

The thought of investing in financial products can be pretty unnerving due to market uncertainty. But finding a financial solution that will grow your investment and give you peace of mind at the same time - with some guaranteed benefits to boot, no matter what happens to the market – sounds like money well spent. 

Refine your plans

In 10 years, your goals could be different from what they were five years ago. You might also be considering marriage, or purchasing your own home. If you took out loans to buy your home or start a business, then buying insurance will allow you to cover these loans in case of your death. That way, your loved ones don’t’ need to worry about large debts.

When you refine your personal and professional goals, don’t forget to upgrade your financial goals too. If you’ve already invested in an insurance and investment plan, you can look forward to potential growth on your money as the years pass, since you’ve stashed it in an expertly managed fund.

Think long-term

What’s your major life goal? Visualize where you’d like to be in 15 years, and how to plan how your finances can help you achieve that goal 

Planning can be hard, and even scary. But having insurance like Manulife MVP, an insurance and investment plan with guaranteed benefits, you can be excited about your future. 

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