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Manulife Online lets you manage your policies wherever you are, whenever you need to.

Get a PhP 150 eGift when you enroll in iNotice through Manulife Online from July 1 to August 31, 2019.

Enjoy over hundreds of participating merchants of Giftaway.

How to join



Create a Manulife Online account at



Enroll in iNotice through Manulife Online



Receive your P150 eGift on your registered email address and mobile number within three business days.


Promo Period is from July 1 to August 31, 2019.
Redemption is from July 1 to October 31, 2019.
Terms and Conditions apply.

Got questions about Manulife Online?

1. The 2019 Manulife Digital Campaign ("Promo") is open to all Manulife Philippines Policyholders with at least one (1) inforce policy issued by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Co. (Phils.), Inc. ( "Manulife") and who are eligible to enroll in iNotice* ("Manulife Customers"). The Manulife Customer’s premium payments must also be updated.

*iNotice is an electronic service facility that allows you to receive your billing statement and notices via email. It is only available to Manulife customers whose policies are still premium paying and are NOT enrolled in any auto-payment or special payment arrangements such as, but not limited to, Auto-Debit Arrangement/ ADA, Auto-Pay Transaction via Credit, Post-Dated Checks/ PDC, self-liquidating payment option, etc.


2. The Promo will run from June 24 to August 31, 2019 ("Promo Period"). Manulife, at its sole discretion, shall have the right to shorten or lengthen the Promo Period.


3. The Promo redemption period will be from June 24 to October 31, 2019 ("Redemption Period"), subject to change as Manulife may determine.


4. The Manulife Customer shall be disqualified from the Promo in the event that his/her policy is found to be invalid or lapsed, or if the policy is suspended, cancelled or terminated within the Promo Period or the Redemption period. Manulife Customers using different names or providing differing information, those who engaged in fraud, unauthorized activity or abuse of the Promo Terms and Conditions, or who have been determined to be ineligible to join the Promo for whatever reason, shall likewise be disqualified.


5. The Manulife Customer should have at least one (1) policy that is kept current and with no lapses in order to qualify for the promotion. Thus, if all of the Manulife Customer’s policies lapsed, he / she will no longer be entitled to join the Promo.


6. Manulife Philippines shall have the sole discretion in determining who are eligible to avail of the Promo in case of any dispute.


7. The Promo entitles Manulife Customers who do not have a Manulife Online account and are not enrolled in iNotice to receive a P150 eGift voucher once they register and log-on to Manulife Online and enroll in iNotice for the first time during the promo period:

To Qualify:

  • Manulife Customers must go to and sign up using their registered email address, mobile number and date of birth with Manulife.
  • Once successfully registered, Manulife Customers must log-on to their Manulife Online account and enroll in iNotice.


8. Manulife Customers who have qualified for the Promo will receive the P150 eGift from Giftaway via their registered email address and/or mobile number within three (3) business days.


9. The eGift can be used in any of Giftaway merchant partners that honor the corresponding eGift denomination.


10. To redeem, the Qualified Manulife Customer must present the eGift code to the participating merchants of Giftaway in the Philippines.


11. The eGift code will be valid up to October 31, 2019. After the claiming period, all unclaimed eGift will be forfeited in favor of Manulife.


12. eGifts are non-transferrable and non-convertible to cash.


13. All redemptions are final. The Manulife Customer is responsible for safekeeping the codes. Manulife, Giftaway, and the participating outlets shall not be obliged to refund or replace the eGift codes once redeemed, whether lost, used, or for whatever reason.


14. eGifts are non-transferrable and non-convertible to cash.


15. Manulife Customers may only avail of the Promo once during the Promo period.


16. Manulife customer should remain in iNotice for a period of six (6) months. If the Manulife customer cancels or withdraws his/her enrollment in iNotice within the 6-month hold period, he/she will be charged the full value of the eGift. Likewise, Manulife customer who cancels or withdraws his/ her enrollment in iNotice and re-enrolls through Manulife Online within the Promo Period will not qualify for the Promo.


17. By joining this Promo, the Manulife Customer understands and agrees that Manulife, including its employees or representatives, any member of the Manulife Group of Companies, and its third party service providers (whether within or outside the Philippines) can process, share, disclose, transfer or use his/her personal and sensitive information to communicate with, service and get feedback from customers on the Company's products and services; conduct data analytics, profiling and automate data processing; comply with any reportorial and regulatory requirements, legal and contractual obligations of the Company as a member company of the Manulife Financial Group to both local and foreign regulatory and tax authorities, supervisory or enforcement agencies, courts or quasi-judicial bodies; and for other reasonable purposes related to the services provided or improvement/upgrade in systems and business processes.


18. By accepting the eGift, the qualified Manulife customer agrees to hold Manulife free and harmless from any loss, injury or damage caused by or arising from his/her participation in the Promo or caused by or that may arise from his/her acceptance, use of, and/or failure to use the prize.


19. The Promo cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers, privileges or VIP cards. Discounts and privileges are not exchangeable for or convertible to cash, credit or other goods and services nor allowed as payment for the premium dues.


20. Manulife is not an agent of Giftaway or of any of the participating merchants or outlets and makes no representation as to the quality of the goods and services provided. All feedback regarding quality of the goods and services provided should be directed to the respective merchant or outlet.


21. All questions or disputes regarding the Promo will be resolved by management of Manulife Philippines at their sole discretion. Decisions are final and non-contestable in courts or any other government authorities or agencies.