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The Working, Stay-at-home Mom Guide

Managing the household and your job while keeping your peace of mind


We all know that motherhood requires juggling different responsibilities and priorities. Imagine how it’s been now that a lot of moms have been working or running businesses from home. How can moms better manage the stress that comes with managing a whole household while working from home? Here are a few tips for moms who might be feeling overwhelmed with the situation.

  1. Sit down and map things out. While all things seem equally urgent, multitasking all the time isn’t sustainable. Before the workweek starts, find some time to review the past week and plan for the one ahead. Do this over a cup of good tea or coffee so it doesn’t feel like work at a time when everything does.
  2. Allot some budget for investment. Speaking of budget, putting money in investments that suit their lifestyles is perfect for busy moms because it works without adding extra tasks. Aside from traditional life insurance plans, there are life insurance policies with built-in investment components that allow for more rewards in the future such as variable life plans. There are different types of VULs for every need and budget type that do the multi-tasking for you.
  3. Have some regular time out for yourself. Self-care is more than just a weekly bubble bath or glass of wine. While finding the time seems impossible, making time for yourself is essential. Talk to your family about this and maybe even encourage everyone to have their own weekly me-time. Use the time to do something that you either really enjoy or really need to do and sustain it.
  4. Reach out for help. Moms might sometimes feel like they have to shoulder absolutely everything on their own. When things become too overwhelming, don’t forget to reach out for help! Delegate tasks like errands to your partner, get the children to work on household chores with you, catch up with friends to clear your mind, and consult with experts when you feel you need professional advice for your mental health or your finances. Even superheroes need help sometimes!
  5. Plan for the future. One of the things that may be causing lingering worry is the complicated financial decisions that need to be made for the future of the whole family like education plans for the kids, health insurance for all, and retirement plans.

Manulife offers a wide range of insurance plans for your different needs. 

Education Builder, for example, lets you plan ahead for your children’s college expenses. These days, health plans for yourself and your whole family are also vital - which is why there are different options made available for different needs. You can go for affordable, flexible plans that are tailored to your needs such as HealthFlex. It’s also never too early to plan for your retirement, with plans that can benefit you now as well as your future like Manulife Freedom. Securing your future with a reliable partner for your finances will do wonders for your mental health—and your budget.

When it comes to your finances and securing your and your whole family’s future, you and your family deserve the best. Talk to a Manulife Insurance Advisor today to see how you can plan ahead. Let's start here.

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