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Manulife Affluence Gold

Live the life you’ve always imagined right now. We at Manulife aim to provide the best policy that is specifically tailored to keep up with your dynamic lifestyle and financial goals, giving you that edge to better secure a beautiful future for you and your loved ones. Here, we what we offer is a life insurance and investment plan that grows with you.

Introducing the Manulife Affluence Gold, an affordable one-time investment that generates unlimited and life-long growth for your money. Let your money work hard for you with this two-in-one fund investment and life insurance policy that is customized to meet the needs of the working professionals, and family men and women.

With the Manulife Affluence Gold, you can choose from a diverse selection of professionally-managed funds to invest in and build your earnings, depending on your financial goals and risk appetite. Additionally, this life insurance and funds investment policy features a guaranteed 25% cash benefit for your family in case of investment losses or death.

With no-medical and hassle-free application, this life insurance and investment plan from Manulife truly lets you maximize your earnings and live life to the max.


Affluence Gold is an affordable one-time investment that lets you enjoy unlimited growth for your money. Invest in any of our professionally-managed funds, depending on your risk appetite and financial goals.

Key features

• No-medical hassle-free application

• Minimal entry fee so you maximize your earning

• Additional 25% cash benefit will be given to your family in case of death, even with investment losses*

*subject to certain conditions