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Invest in your future by letting your money work hard for you with Manulife Affluence Max Gold.

At Manulife, we believe that your best life begins today, and what better way to secure your dreams than with a plan that lets you save more, and earn more. A peaceful future free from financial obligations is possible with the right life insurance and investment policy. 

Enter the Manulife Affluence Max Gold, an all-in-one life insurance and funds investment plan guaranteed to make your hard-earned money work harder for you. Specifically designed with working professionals and family men and women in mind, this plan enables you to allocate a safe, one-time investment in funds that have high potential risks.  

Featuring fund switching, top-up options and partial and full withdrawals, the Manulife Affluence Max Gold gives you full freedom to manage your investments, depending on your financial goals and risk tolerance. It also doesn’t require a medical exam. 

From fund investments to life insurance, the Manulife Affluence Max Gold gives the security you need, even as your own needs grow.  




Features and Benefits



Fund Switching

Make adjustments in your investment allocation to take advantage of the best performing funds.

Partial/Full Withdrawals

Choose a fund where you will withdraw. Surrender charges applied.

Guaranteed Issuance

No medical examination required.

Life Insurance Benefit

Provide financial protection for your family.


Have the flexibility to increase your investment anytime.



Ready to start investing for your future?