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Game Plan 2021:  Have the right mindset to jumpstart the New Year

Here are some tips on how you can create a positive mindset for the coming year


The new year is fast approaching and coming from a challenging year that is 2020, you are probably looking forward to starting fresh.  Before you take out your pen and paper to write down your resolutions, it is important that you get yourself psyched-up with the right mindset to jumpstart your year.  Here are some tips on how to create a positive mindset for the coming year.

  • Focus on what you have accomplished for the past year. It is easy to fall into the trap of counting the resolutions we failed to act on.  There is a need to refocus our mind into looking at our accomplishments, whether big or small, and start from there.  We need to get into the habit of looking at our success rather than nitpick on what we failed at.
  • Frame your resolutions using positive language. Reframe your resolutions by zeroing in on a positive behavior that you would like to begin doing for the new year.  For example instead of saying “I will stop eating junk food”, you may want to state this as “I will start eating more healthily this year”.  It is said that changing the way we say things also changes the way we do things.
  • Be realistic with your goals and resolutions. One of the pitfalls we have when planning for change is that we set unrealistic expectations from ourselves.  Start simple and breakdown your plans into smaller yet achievable goals.  That way, whenever you accomplish something, it will keep you motivated to try achieving more things and hopeful that you will reach your goals.
  • Commit to making a change. There is no best time for a fresh start than the new year. Shake off the not-so-good things that happened to you in the year that has passed and commit to making small changes that lead to bigger things that can change the way you look, feel, and lead your life. 

Starting the year with gratefulness for everything that was and looking forward to the good things that will be will surely put you in the right frame of mind to start planning for the new year.  Remember the goal is to make every day better.


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