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Times Are Changing - Plan for Comprehensive Health Care Now

For those of us who might feel like we aren't at our prime anymore, invest in your health now. There's no better time to check your options on your health care plan.

Have you made any changes to your diet, physical activity, and overall wellness since the onset of community quarantine? Chances are, your answer is yes (or it has at least crossed your mind). Being healthy in times like these is key in boosting immunity and avoiding any disease that would incur additional expenses and nervous trips to the hospital.

Whether you're fit and well in your mid-twenties or starting to physically feel the growing pains of your mid-thirties, there's no better time to check out your health insurance options than now. The best part is, there are plans out there that don't just stop at providing security for YOU, but also for the specific needs mentioned below.

Security for you AND your family. 

Aside from the standard emergency and hospital benefits, there are health care plans that also provide life insurance coverage. You can opt to choose one with an investment option so that it can also give your family a safety net, in the event that something untoward should happen to you. Some, while providing coverage for top critical illnesses, also reward you for staying healthy by giving back some, if not all, of your money over time.

Maternity and woman health insurance. 

Thinking about starting a family? Choose a health care plan that gives you cash benefits and coverage for pregnancy and motherhood, such as coverage for maternity-related hospitalization. Since women are prone to certain types of health issues or conditions like breast cancer and hysterectomy, look for a health insurance that caters to these needs as well. Should the unthinkable happen, your family stays secure through your life insurance coverage. 

Health insurance for men

Men's health is another common topic around health care. Like women, men are also susceptible to certain gender-specific health issues like prostate cancers. For this, there are options designed for men's health that provide insurance coverage, cash support for treatments, and continued income support for the family in case the insured passes away.


Remember, health is wealth so invest in a health insurance plan that can also provide life insurance coverage (with plenty of customizable options) plus hospital income benefits. The advantage of being insured is that they can get coverage or supplement their HMO with a daily amount per day in the hospital, regardless of illness. In times like these, the best gift you can truly give to yourself and your family is a secure future. Learn more about Manulife insurance products to start living every day better without worrying about health and wellness.

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